2. Louis K. Meisel

2. Louis K. Meisel

Discussion about collecting art of all types

In this, the second podcast episode of my occasional series of discussions with art world insiders, I visit the gallerist, Louis Meisel in New York, to discuss collecting American photo realism, works by the British ceramicist Clarice Cliff, vintage ice cream scoops and Playboy pin-up prints

The Louis K Meisel gallery, Prince Street, Soho, New York.

Louis Meisel with some of his collection
Exhibition of paintings at the Louis K Meisel gallery, October 2023
Some of Louis’s collection of Clarice Cliff ceramics
Some of Louis’s collection of ice cream scoops
Examples of Louis’s collection of original works in his private collection
Rufus Bird discusses art collecting today and throughout history with a wide range of experts, professionals, collectors and those involved in the market today.
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